Wine Enthusiast features Bottlefork for Smoky Drinks

Wine Enthusiast Spirits Editor Kara Newman featured Bottlefork in her article ‘Smoldering Spirits’ in the May 2016 issue of Wine Enthusiast. The article focuses on “Everything you ever wanted to know about peat and other smoky flavors in your drinks.”

“Sure I carry peat whiskies and mezcals says Adam Kamin, head bartender at Bottlefork, (a section of our drink menu is devoted to smoky and spicy flavors) “but for cocktails we use other techniques.” The PolyScience Smoking Gun (a handheld food smoker is a favorite go to tool for drinks. “We put tobacco leaves or hops inside, and then turn it on and smoke the material into a decanter,” Kamin says.

“Another favored technique is “fat washing which involves adding rendered fat to a spirit and infusing it w/ smoky, savory flavor. Bacon fat added to Grey Goose Le Melon Vodka yields a flavor that Kamin swears evokes the classic combo of melon and prosciutto.”

Join us at Bottlefork for a smokey cocktail today!