Chef Evan Packer’s beef jerky recipe featured on Urbandaddy

Urbandaddy featured Bottlefork Chef Evan Packer’s Koren Beef Jerky recipe as the perfect road trip treat, you can make at home!

“Along with Kevin Hickey and his team at Bottlefork, Packer’s been inventively fine-tuning otherwise lackluster foods (à la fancy pimento tots and “popcorn sweetbreads”) for some time now. So you should heed his sage jerky advice when he tells you to always use a lean cut of “choice” meat, as “prime” will be a waste of money here,” Urbandaddy editor, Chef Kevin Gray said.

Once you get back from your road trip be sure to stop by Bottlefork to try some of Chef Kevin Hickey and Evan Packer’s delicious culinary creations.