Tasting Table: Bottlefork Raises the Bar with Ambitious Bar Program

Ask Men Names Bottlefork a “Bold After-Work Spot Serving Epic Drinks”



WHY? A bold after-work spot serving epic drinks.

So, you’ve been looking for an after-work spot where you can loosen your tie a bit, snack on something, and enjoy a stiff drink. Someplace nice, but also authentic. Look no further than Bottlefork, a welcoming joint that offers great food, strong-as-an-ox drinks, and a dearth of monocle-toting plutocrats. Hungry? Snack on some piggy jerky, beef-cheek poutine or shrimp-head soup. Painfully sober? Cancel tomorrow’s a.m. meetings, put on a helmet, and go for a ride with the Bill Brasky cocktail. This devilish, $30 creation is served in a hefty goblet with an ice cube that contains a vintage nudie card. Inside, your mouth will find a mix of Journeyman Rye, Hudson New York Corn Moonshine, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Bank Note Five-Year Blended Scotch, and Hammer & Tongs vermouth. You’ve been warned.