Best Unique Fried Food

Bottlefork’s Popcorn Sweetbreads topped the list of best innovative and unique fried foods in Chicago on Michigan Avenue Magazine’s list of 8 Imaginative takes on fried food.

“Food trends come and go, but deep-fried food—not to mention the unadulterated bliss that’s packed into every greasy bite—is forever. Lately, Chicago’s fried eats game is stronger than ever,” Michigan Avenue Magazine contributor Kailley Lindman said.

“The delightfully crisp exterior and velvety soft interior of these fried bits of organ meat prove adventurous enough for gastronomic thrill-seekers and tame enough for organ meat first-timers. Each order is drizzled in a tangy pickled pepper aioli that makes each bite more addictive than the last,” Lindman said.

Add us to your fried food dining bucket list!

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