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Best Updated Comfort Food

Zagat contributor Matt Kirouac rated the best updated spins on classic comfort food in Chicago in his article, “17 Tricked-Out Meat and Potato dishes” on Zagat.com. Kirouac named Bottlefork’s Braised Beef Cheek Poutine as one of the best meat and potato dishes in the city.

“As a city, Chicago has a reputation for being Midwestern — and that means meat and potatoes.”

On Bottlefork’s Braised Beef Cheek Poutine Kirouac said, “The duo borrows a little inspiration from Canada at Bottlefork, where poutine serves as a comfort-food canvas. The meat in question is braised beef cheek, which gets heaped atop Kennebec fries with Wisconsin cheese curds.”

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