Chicago’s Best Potato Dishes

Open Table’s blog ranked the best potato dishes in the nation. The post is inspired by Oscar nominee “The Martian” because the astronaut Mark Watney discovers how to grow potatoes on the barren planet of Mars.

Bottlefork’s signature Bag of Crisps & Eggs topped the list. Anyone that has tried Bottlefork’s Bag of Crisps & Eggs will tell you it is pure potato delight… if not out-of-this-world delicious.

“Unsurprisingly, potato chips are perfectly delightful on top of plenty of foods — sandwiches, soups, and casseroles to name a few. But do you know what’s good on top of chips? Surprisingly, an egg. At this River North cocktail bar and restaurant, the Bag of Crisps & Eggs features housemade chips that are coated in a dusting of malt-vinegar powder and covered with a poached egg. The result is a strange yet richly satisfying, salty-gooey treat that you’ll be thinking about long after the bag is empty.”

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