SPAMERICAN Food Truck Featuring Chef Hickey

It’s so funny how life is a series of little events all strung together. I don’t often think of SPAM, I do like it, but it is not in Mr. Misadventures repertoire and he does all the cooking in our household! For the most part I usually eat it in the form of musubi (pictured above) from food trucks in …

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The Bill Brasky Featured As Strongest Cocktail In Chicago

The Bill Brasky Bottlefork (address and info) River North Named after the mythical character from the classic Saturday Night Live skit, the Bill Brasky is a mustache-slinging cocktail that leaves bridges burned and grown men weeping. Patrons are actually restricted to ordering only one of these $30 face-slappers — which makes sense, because it’s filled with Journeyman rye, Hudson Moonshine, …

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Bottlefork Featured For ‘Casual Dining Scene’

When it comes to fantastic foodie destinations in Chicago, white-tablecloth restaurants no longer rule the roost. These days, some of the city’s top chefs are rolling up their shirtsleeves and focusing on superior cuisine with a distinctly low-key flair. Take former Four Seasons chef Kevin Hickey, who first dipped his toe into the gourmet-casual scene last year at River North’s …

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Andrew Turner Wins Chicago’s Star of the Bar

Competing against several Chicago bartenders and mixologists, Andrew Turner, from modern American restaurant and bar Bottlefork, won the competition with his cocktail, Eloted. The winning cocktail, Eloted combined butter-washed Casamigos Tequila Reposado (the event-sponsored spirit) with lime juice, brown sugar, corn, allspice simple syrup, mole bitters, chili liqueur, roasted corn puree, egg white, chipotle chili powder, cayenne, pepper, and white …

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Bottlefork Mixologist Featured In Chicago Tribune Review

Check out this amazing review of our sister venue, The Duck Inn! Featuring Bottlefork’s own Brandon Phillips! Cocktails are run by Brandon Phillips, the former mixologist at The Drawing Room who’s responsible for, among other things, the smoke-filled Brandy & Cigars cocktail at Bottlefork (another Hickey-Rockit creation). Memorable drinks at The Duck Inn include the Hackney Handshake, a formidable gin concoction …

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Boozist: How Much Would You Pay For A Cocktail?

How Much Would You Pay For A Cocktail? There are expensive cocktails and then there are the “Brandy & Cigars” and “Bill Brasky” cocktails. Plenty of bars charge stupid amounts for drinks. $8 for a Jack & Coke? Thanks, Obama. But not all high-priced drinks are created equally, and some are well worth the money. For example,Bottlefork in Chicago might …

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FSR: Boutique Wines Are Having A Moment

Boutique Wines In addition to value, it’s that exclusivity that can nail a wine sale, too. “Everybody likes the idea of getting something others can’t have,” says Jason Ring, general manager of Bottlefork Bar & Kitchen in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Read the entire article here.

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Thrillist: Bottlefork Sweetbreads One Of 9 Best Deep-Fried Foods In Chicago

The 9 Best Deep-Fried Foods In Chicago Consider Bottlefork’s bite-sized wonders the gateway drug of organ meats. The popcorn sweetbreads are small, breaded, and fried, drizzled in Calabrian chili aioli, and — in the end — far more innocuous-looking than most organ-based delicacies. Wash ’em all down (and when we say “all,” we mean “all” — these things are crazy …


Tasting Table: Bottlefork Is Home Of The Best Bar Snacks In Chicago

Best Bar Snacks: Bottlefork The well-balanced craft cocktails at this Billy Dec resto consistently wow us, but it’s chef Kevin Hickey’s highly addictive “popcorn” sweetbreads ($7) with tangy, pickled pepper aioli dipping sauce that keep us coming back for more. Here’s to hoping that deep-fried organ meats start trending in 2015. Read entire article here.


Black Board Eats Recommends You Increase Your Wine Knowledge at Bottlefork

Increase your wine knowledge at Bottlefork If you haven’t heard, a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away, and Bottlefork—the highly praised River North spot—is now offering half off all carafes of kegged wine each Tuesday from open until close. In addition, head barkeep Adam Kamin will offer a sampling of different seasonal wines (limit three per guests) …