All Time Favorite Brunch Spots in Chicago

The results are in for the city’s favorite brunch spots of all time in the Windy City from The Chicago Chic. Bottlefork’s cozy and intimate atmosphere is enough to make any chic Chicagoan feel right at home but its the heavenly cuisine that makes the trendy elite want hang out at Bottlefork all day.

The Chicago Chic’s food contributor Leah Nolan applauded Bottlefork’s signature Bag of Crisps + Eggs. Nolan called the snack ingenious and addicting.

“The flavor of the egg marries with the vinegar powder and salt in a way that creates a harmonious balance on the taste buds. This is a snack that I start eating with my hands and finish eating with my fork – not a crumb goes to waste,” Nolan said.
Nolan also reccommended the Breakfast Sope (pictured above). “This dish is a multitude of different textures and the flavors build on each other. The portion is an ideal size so you don’t even have to consider whether to doggy bag or not – there won’t be any leftovers,” she said.

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